And Now For a Brief Station Break

Life has been crazy and busy around here. Mainly, it has consisted of planting, planning, cleaning, more planting, cooking, and cleaning.

Not much is happening on the homeschool front.

As Emily’s classes have wrapped up at L.E.A.R.N. and ‘summer break’ approaches, I have decided to also take a short break.

I will be updating Homeschool Advocate as things occur, and resume daily postings this fall. If only because I have waaaay too much other stuff on my plate.

I’m hoping to use this extra time to:

  • Work on my garden and creating my vision for the Deadly Nightshade Food Garden
  • Decide on a basic curriculum for fall – Emily will be starting her homeschool studies a year earlier than her age-mates will begin kindergarten
  • Work on promoting/getting published my finished book – War’s End
  • Finish my non-fiction book An Old Wives’ Tale and get a publisher for it
  • Organize my house and learn a lot about canning this year

I think that’s a good start for my priorities list for spring/summer/early fall, don’t you?

I’m not walking away forever, and I’ll be adding posts during this hiatus infrequently. See you in August/September!

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