All of Those Questions!

Lesbians and Love

The other day we are eating lunch and Emily sets her fork down and asks…

Mama, are you a lesbian?

I managed not to choke on my mouthful of food.

“Mmm, no honey, I’m not a lesbian,” I said, stifling a small laugh, “I’m what is called a heterosexual.”

Emily frowned, “What does hetero…heterosexual mean?”

“It means that I am a woman, and I like to cuddle with a man.” I explained, “Your daddy is my partner.” I waited for a moment and explained the words further. “Heterosexual means opposite sex and homosexual means same sex. So a heterosexual is a man who likes a woman, or a woman who likes a man. And homosexual is a man who loves a man, or a woman who loves a woman.”

Emily thought about this for a while and then asked, “So, some men like to cuddle with other men? And some women like to cuddle with other women?”

“Yes.” I said, “And if I liked another woman, and wanted to cuddle with her and spend my life with her, then I would probably be a lesbian. But I’ve always liked men, and wanted to cuddle with men, so I’m not a lesbian.”

She was quiet. “Are you thinking about the neighbors on the corner?” I asked her.

“Yes. Miss T said that she and Miss K are lesbians.”

“Yes, they are. They love each other very much.”

This discussion then expanded to talk about platonic love and cuddling love. I’m not quite ready to have a sex discussion with my 5-year-old, but I figured that talking about “cuddling close” and “spending their lives together” was close enough for now.


“Mama? What is snot made of?”

We were eating again…of course. What is it with her and sensitive subjects during meal time?

“I…uh…let me think here.” I strained my brain to think of an answer. “Well the nose produces secretions that help trap dirt and bacteria and prevent it from entering the body.”

“It tastes good too,” Emily added helpfully.

My stomach twisted a bit. I suddenly didn’t feel hungry. “Perhaps we could wait until after dinner to talk about this?”

“Okay. Then we will look it up, right?”

(Thank you, thank you, thank you…Wikipedia) “Yes Emily, right after dinner.”

I stared back down at my plate right as she said, “They’re kind of salty.”


Why Can’t We Plant It?

At a play date another homeschooled child asked the following question, “Why can’t we plant this bread? It has seeds on it, won’t they grow?”

The bread in question was an Italian bread with sesame seeds on it. His mother and I smiled and then we explained that the seeds had been added later, after the bread had been baked.

Which made me wonder aloud, “I wonder what a sesame plant looks like?” For the record, it looks something like this…

Makes me want to try growing one.

How Long?

“Mama, how long will it take us to get to the community center?”

“About two minutes.”

“How long is two minutes?”

“About 120 seconds.”

“How long is 120 seconds?”

“About two minutes.”



Next…Saving for a House

“Mama, does it take money to buy a house?”

“Yes, baby, it takes a lot of money sometimes. You have to have a few thousands dollars on hand as a down payment and also a job with regular income.”

“Oh.” (she looked rather sad!)

Savings – Entrepreneurship – Money-Making

And on other fronts. Our goal of earning $1400 towards Disneyland moved forward $100.85 yesterday. Q&A Focus Group had a study at Hallmark. We were one of the ‘backup floaters’ which meant that we sat around for a full hour but didn’t participate in the study. This meant that we earned $100 – which, since it involved Emily went straight into the Disneyland fund. We also filled up at HyVee Gas and earned 85 cents back in gas savings for shopping at the grocery store. So now we are at…

Wait for it…

Wow! Zow! 23.5% of goal!

At this rate, Emily will have helped us earn about half of the funds we need to go (think airfare to LA and then up to SF to see family and then back) and will be tapping her fingers waiting for us to get the other half of the funds together!


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