Adventures in Yoga

When Emily was still a baby I bought two yoga DVD’s for her – Yoga Kids ABC’s and Yoga Kids Silly to Calm. She has enjoyed them in the past, but I am embarrassed to admit that, short of watching part of one video with her once, I have never gone through an entire video with her. But in my attempt to lead a healthier lifestyle, which included 1 3/4 hours on the treadmill this morning, I remembered the DVDs and thought, “I really need to do this with her!” So after breakfast this morning, I dug the barely used yoga mat out of my office closet, found a thick baby quilt to serve as Emily’s ‘yoga mat’ and we headed downstairs. At my ‘treadmill workstation’ I have a laptop with speakers and an external monitor set up. We popped in the DVD and went through Yoga Kids ABCs. It was fun, and rather challenging for one of us (ME). We grinned and laughed, stretched and danced, and I was so happy I had done it with her. Not only am I modeling healthy behavior, but I’m spending quality time with her, and the look of excitement and joy on her face brought it home to me how important that half hour was to her. At the end of it, with the letter Z for Zigzag, we ended up on the floor, her head on my belly and my arm curled around her. These moments won’t last, but our memories will. I hope she remembers this one for a long time. I know I will. There are plenty of yoga videos to choose from to do with your kids. Here are just a few I found on…

Kid Yogi

Teen Yogi

Yoga Kids

Yoga for Families

This slice of attention filled her reservoir for a while and she is happily playing while I post this entry. What kind of bonding or exercise activities do you do with your children? What would you like to do different? Comment below, I’d like to hear your thoughts!

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