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After the success of our lemonade stand, I realized something…

Emily is a natural at sales.

When we held the lemonade stand/garage sale last Saturday, she would smile and wave at everyone who drove by. When they came up to the stand she would greet them again and offer them a taste of soda, introduce herself, and more.

I looked over our schedule for summer – which as I mentioned in an earlier post has gotten chock full of activities far too quickly. We have swimming lessons, pool parties, play dates, educational destinations, the Passport to Adventure program, and so much more. Plus I’m teaching classes as well.

Here in Belton there is a farmer’s market that starts up in late June and runs until the first week of September – each Thursday night from 5-9. I looked over our vast array of choices – was this something we could do? Would it further serve the goal of getting to Disneyland next summer? And how could I do it in a manner that didn’t become a boring or an unhappy experience for her?

I’m still working on those details, but I’m definitely planning on participating in some, if not most, of the farmer’s markets at Belton this summer. It will be an excellent opportunity for me to get more production out of my garden (I’ve already started planting more seeds), to further encourage a sense of entrepreneurship in Emily, and much more.

I’ve realized too, just how important entrepreneurship is to me – to inculcating it in my children. Danielle, my eldest, is running her own online bookselling business and slowly building up volume and sales. I’m so impressed with her – she spent several years working in the used bookselling business, learned from the examples around her, and created her own income stream. How cool is that for a struggling college student?

Emily has the gregarious nature to get the attention and sales – and she seems to truly enjoy it. And that’s something I hope I can continue to nurture.

Note: On Friday I will be reviewing the goals for Kindergarten and discussing our educational plans for the summer as we embark on the new school year – 1st Grade – on June 1st.

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