A Writing Class for LEARN

I had gone back and forth on this for a while, and I’ve decided to take the plunge…again…with teaching a class at LEARN this fall.

I’ve had limited success teaching classes there. Mainly, I’m a grumpy old creature who has no interest in corralling kids and forcing them to learn.

The last time I taught a class, two years ago, it was a Zentangle class and I wanted to beat many of the kids halfway through, they made me so frustrated. The class turned into a “let’s draw on each other, wrestle in class, and generally behave in a bad manner” each week. Ugh!

So I’m hoping to do something different with this class.

Here is the main description…

Interested in writing books, self-published or otherwise? Do you have a story in you that you want to share with the world? In this class we will discuss and create poetry, essays, and short stories and end the semester by publishing them in paperback and ebook form. We will discuss writing styles, address general writing technique (although nothing as horrible and boring as diagramming sentences), and help edit each others’ work for publication. This class is intended for self-motivated writers, suggested ages are 10 and up. This class will have variable attendance, ask instructor for details on this.

So basically, I want to be able to say to the parents and the kids, “We meet each week, but it might not be for a full hour, so don’t send your kid back to me if they appear before the hour is up.”

I want kids who want to be there, not because their parents signed them up for a class. And I don’t want to have a bunch of hooligan shenanigans during the class.

I’m sounding old and cranky aren’t I?

Well, that’s fair. I am kind of old and cranky, so that works for me.

In any case, this fulfills my self-imposed obligation to be involved and participating as a member of the LEARN community, and I think it could be fun. Who knows what they will come up with?

Maybe I’ll get my buddy Kerrie to stop in and talk about her own writing. Now I just need to rustle up some more writers and see if I can’t get a handful of guest speakers. That would be super-cool!

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