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Yesterday was a busy day – a cleaning, a play date, grocery shopping…I felt like it was non-stop the whole day.

I wanted to share with everyone a neat set of videos from a homeschool conference in California – click here

This was our first day in a while of not having my husband at home with us. He has started a series of short-term work assignments through a placement firm, which we hope will lead to full time work soon.

In any case, it is weird not having him around and suddenly I find myself with a lot more to do. Also the fall semester of college has begun, so he is busy two weeknights and one weekend morning with classes. The kiddo and I are on our own!

As with any change, there is a bit of getting used to it. So it isn’t any great surprise we didn’t get a lot of homeschool done yesterday. But we managed some. Here is what we did…

Homeschool Log for 8/25/11

Foreign Language – While at the cleaning, Emily hung out with me for a bit and we practiced counting 0-10 in Spanish. I introduced saying it as a countdown as well, so that it is at least reversible. She’s got some down and knows them for sure – ocho for example, she knows that is eight. Ten still flummoxes her. We also reviewed colors. Later in the day, while driving to her play date we reviewed numbers and colors again, and also talked about greetings (excuse me, good morning, good afternoon, thank you, sir, ma’am, and girl).  Oh yes, and hello and goodbye.

Science – With her new friends from the play date we all drove to go feed the elk and buffalo. Sadly, only the elk were in attendance. However, I was pleased to experiment with them. For the record, elk prefer carrots over celery. Silly me, I had a pack of celery and only three carrots. Oh well. We discussed that elk are herbivores and Emily said, “That means they only eat plants, right? Do they eat plants we would not eat?”

I told her they probably ate grasses and made a mental note to revisit elk and buffalo at a later time and learn about their eating habits. I also told her about how buffalo nearly died out from overhunting. We discussed this, and she seemed as baffled as I was at the idea of men shooting them from trains and then just leaving their bodies there to rot.

There was also some reading aloud, but nothing that I would specifically point to as Language Arts, so I call it a wrap for the homeschool log for Thursday.

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