A Lovely Morning

I have a cleaning scheduled for later today – but this morning was a nice, quiet start. With an upcoming Extreme Jams class to prepare for, I was busy picking roses to make the Rose Petal Jam. Emily woke up at about 8:30 and I met her at the front door with a painted rose.

She is always picking flowers for me, I figured it was time I picked one for her!

It certainly did bring a smile to her sleepy face.

“There’s a ton of strawberries out here that look ready to eat,” I told her. We have a wild strawberry patch in the front that Emily loves to nosh on. I find them tasteless, but she absolutely loves the little things. She got dressed while I picked enough rose petals to fill a second colander.

“Mama, these strawberries are covered with seeds. I think they will grow if we plant them.” She said, examining the wild strawberry fruit. I wasn’t as sure as she was, but when she asked for a little dirt I pointed to the bag of used coffee grounds we had picked up from Starbucks the other day.

“Why don’t we use this?” I said to her as she pointed to a small hole in the mulch she had dug for the ‘strawberry seeds’. We dragged the coffee grounds over and as she filled the hole, I noticed some of the beans I had planted were sprouting up. I began to apply a handful of coffee grounds to the base of each plant and pull any weeds I saw at the same time.

“Can I help, Mama?”

“Absolutely! All of the tomato plants would love some of these coffee grounds as well.” We both got to work and pretty soon we were singing an impromptu song about the coffee grounds and Dr. Coffee Ground Emily “come to save the day.”

Later, after we returned inside with the colander full of rose petals I set to work rinsing them and prepping them for the jelly-making. Emily wandered outside and called to me, “Look out the window and find me, Mama!”

I looked out the window…no child to be seen…

Oh wait a minute, why is that Ozark Blue Star waving about like that?

There she is!

Wild strawberries, fun with coffee grounds, piles of rose petals, and hide and seek…what more could we ask for on a Thursday morning?!

How about some fresh rose petal jam?

All neatly packaged up…

And a few leftover roses for our table…

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