A Five Year Old’s Answer to WHY?

As we sat down at the dinner table I pulled out a book.

“Will you read to me, Mama?” Emily asked.

“Sure baby, just as soon as I finish eating.”

“What are you reading, Mama?”

I turned the book cover to face her, “It’s called ‘Why Do You Homeschool?'”

Without missing a beat, Emily said, “Because homeschooling is good for kids.”

We have been fielding a lot of questions about public schools, homework and homeschooling from her recently. To my knowledge, I haven’t ever come out and said straight up “because it’s good for kids.” Usually I say, “I want you in my life, all the time. I want to learn with you and walk beside you as you learn.” I will admit to having some rather choice things to say about public schools – usually having to do with how they have to sit at desks, ask permission to go to the bathroom, and stand in line a lot.

But I found it interesting that she would sum up the answer to ‘why do you homeschool’ in that specific way.

At five, she is fascinating. I can see the wheels turning, the thoughts developing, and the thirst for knowledge increasing. I have begun reading from an antique book I have, Folk Tales Every Child Should Know.

I have quite a collection of antique books. I’ve been collecting them on and off, since the age of 13. But it isn’t simply enough to collect them, one must read them as well. And read them I have, which has contributed to my love (and frequent misuse) of run-on sentences! Back in the day, a sentence might be what we would now consider a paragraph.

So far we have read two stories, Hans in Luck and Why the Sea is Salt. She asked if there were any pictures and I told her no, that she would have to use her imagination. Despite having no pictures to guide her, and the language being difficult to understand (I had to look up what a quern was) she listened attentively. It made me realize that she may be ready for more difficult stories than what we had been reading up until recently. But most of all it reminded me that, more than any story, Emily needs time and attention from me and from her dad. No matter the activity, she is happiest when our arms are around her and our attention focused.

And in the end, that is why I homeschool…because we are both happier that way.

Still on the fence? Have you been thinking of homeschooling your child or children but aren’t quite sure? Check out this book…

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