A Day in the Life of An Unschooler – Teaching Language Arts – Other Word Games

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur progress with reading is moving right along and I can’t help but be over the moon excited. My daughter is finally learning to read, an act that has given me peace, filled my days, and entertained me more than anything else in my life.

I’m tackling language arts on several different fronts and I’m going to take them one at a time…


Despite my best efforts, P.E. has never shown an interest in coloring or activity books. Where many little girls, including myself, took great joy in coloring, she has instead shown great reluctance – choosing to run and play instead.

Even when I found activity/coloring books with mazes (which she does enjoy), she still was reluctant to do more than the mazes.

However that changed the other day when I paged through an activity book with her, talking about the different activities and then coming across a puzzle where you match the letter to the number listed to solve what it says.

It used the typical A=1 to Z=26 substitution formula. She worked through it, writing her letters down with excitement. “Tell me what it says!”

I sounded out the first one for her and then had her sound out the rest. She really enjoyed this activity and I will have to do more.

We also found a maze where you navigate by going through the letters for “Ice Age” in order, over and over, until you reach the end of the maze. She like this one as well, but the letter substitution seemed to really interest her.

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