A Day in the Life of an Unschooler – Mad Libs!


I was a kid when Mad Libs came out. Actually, they came out way before that, but the late 70s version was a resurgence. I loved them! Whacky, silly and weird, what kid wouldn’t enjoy them?

And the fact that I was having the basic parts of speech reinforced didn’t hurt either.

So the other day I was in Barnes & Noble and they had one of those day-at-a-time calendars with Mad Libs and at 75% off! I had to get it. It was perfect!

On Monday I brought it down to the dining room table. E asked what it was and I explained the idea of it. “Shall we give it a try?” I asked.

She seemed a little distrusting at first, but went ahead and supplied me with various nouns, verbs and more. I read the first one to her and she stared at me puzzled for a moment, then broke into laughter. “That is so weird, Mama! Let’s do another!”

She is now comfortable with the definition of adjective, noun, and verb. She also understands ‘plural’ and it’s opposite ‘singular’ thanks to Mad Libs.

Sneaky learning at its best.

Have you ever played Mad Libs as a child or with your children? Give it a try!

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