My Body is Her Canvas


I mentioned the other day that we are ramping up to sell at a farmer’s market. This will be headed by my daughter and I, and as we cleaned the homeschool room to make room for Emily to do some art and crafts (which she will then sell at the farmer’s market) she discovered a face-painting book I bought a few years ago. It includes face paints and she was immediately excited.

She started painting some designs on herself and then this morning asked me if I would like for her to paint some designs on me.


As I explained to her last night, “If you want to get good at something, keep practicing.” And she has really taken this to heart.

So here I am, sitting in the homeschool room, with the laptop, typing away while she paints different patterns on my arms.


My body is her canvas.

You want to empower kids to do more, be more? Would you like for them to become entrepreneurs and artists? Let your body become their canvas.

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