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Cleanliness is Close to…

My girl is a lot like me.  She has a sweet tooth. She’s a picky eater (thankfully it is something she should grow out of). Her room is ridiculously messy (something I also grew out of). The mess creeps out … Continue reading

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Three Day Homeschool, Sly James and the Zoo

Monday and Tuesday were “homeschool free” days, but we’ve been packing in the learning today! Our “Three Day” Homeschool Week Balancing work with homeschool is tricky. I had originally envisioned working in the afternoons and homeschooling in the morning, but … Continue reading

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The Story Behind the Numbers

“I hate math.” How many times did I say it when I was a child? Too many to count. In fact, I continued to repeat the mantra well into college, tears of frustration welling up in my eyes as I … Continue reading

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The First Week of Sixth Grade

A Decent First Day Ah, the return to homeschooling! It certainly had its fits and starts. I knew I had a cleaning later in the afternoon and I also had some errands to run, but I expected we had the … Continue reading

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