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Behavior and Consequences – Without Yelling or Tears

In mid-February, I looked into my daughter’s bedroom and realized I had had enough. “All the way, up to here, couldn’t stand the mess one more minute” kind of enough. “Clean your room,” had become a daily admonition, complete with … Continue reading

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I’ve been on a book buying spree. Don’t judge me! And a month or so ago, I bought a couple of money and entrepreneurship books for kids. Kidpreneurs: Young Entrepreneurs With Big Ideas introduces the idea of entrepreneurship, something close … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to My Eldest Daughter

I have said relatively little in the public forum about the schism that occurred between me and my eldest last year. The really big emotions, the ones that need chewing on, they take time to understand. Her words, set in … Continue reading

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Three Minute Math and the Big Question

I’m a planner by nature. I like to know where I will be next week, next month, heck, even next year (as much as one can predict that). So when Em asked to return to homeschooling this fall, I began … Continue reading

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Schedules, Promoting Writing and More

Schedule Rearranged Beginning at the first of this month, I moved most of my cleaning clients to afternoon appointments. This was the first step in planning our fall schedule. Em wants to return to homeschool and I feel more confident … Continue reading

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