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Engaged Parents, Engaged Teachers

Word of the Day Today’s word of the day comes to us thanks to Merriam-Webster’s automatic email… perfunctory – routine or mechanical in nature It is from the Latin word perfunctorius and the Latin root perfungi¬†(to accomplish) Em liked the … Continue reading

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The Official First Day of School

Overall, Em’s first day of school went well, except for one concern, and it is a big one. At least for me. Em has two Language Arts teachers, Ms. L, who is her homeroom teacher, and Mrs. W. As I … Continue reading

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Changes – Here, There and Everywhere

  You may have read the last entry and thought “end of an era.” And you may have figured there would be no more entries. And perhaps it is. And perhaps there won’t be. But I doubt it. For now, … Continue reading

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And This is Where I Cry “Uncle”

Before 1997, I hadn’t even heard of the word “homeschooling.” I moved back home to Kansas City, Missouri when I was 27, with my almost nine-year-old in tow. Down the street from us was an odd-shaped house full of children. … Continue reading

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First Day of Fifth Grade

First Day of Fifth Grade The “first” day of school is rather a misnomer around here. After all, we school year-round, so I consider the 4th grade school year to officially end on July 31st, followed by the “first” day … Continue reading

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