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Drawing the Line

I hated to do it, but… Let me preface this by saying that, overall, both of my girls are amazing and wonderful. I’ve seen some kids who were a handful of rotten, and my girls aren’t. They have good hearts … Continue reading

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Reviving the Homeschool/Art Room

If you were hoping for “before” photos, I am afraid you will be sorely disappointed. I couldn’t bear any more damning evidence that my homeschool/art room had devolved into a mass of half-finished projects and clutter. Yesterday morning I woke … Continue reading

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Pokemon Go Arrives at The Shucks’

When I first heard of Pokemon Go, it was vague references on Facebook. Honestly, I thought it was another Facebook game like Candy Crush. The second time I heard of it was earlier in the week, when the news stories … Continue reading

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Further Fall Homeschool Planning

I’ve talked to a few of my homeschool friends and it sounds like Time4Learning could work well for us this fall. That said, there are a couple of other things to work out. How will our days look? Should I … Continue reading

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Bring on the Rebels

In July, my thoughts increasingly turn towards curriculum planning for fall. I’m strongly considering Time4Learning, an online learning site that several folks I know use or have used. When I mentioned doing this, my eldest reminded me that Em needs … Continue reading

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