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Working While Homeschooling

My family is well versed with the need for two incomes and this article¬†is one of several I have seen recently. If your family can make it on one income while your spouse works a full-time job and you homeschool, … Continue reading

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Great Article on Working and Homeschooling

I saw this article pop up on my Google Alerts. It discusses strategies that some parents use to work from home (or simply work alternate shifts from their spouse) and still manage to homeschool. You can find the article here. … Continue reading

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Great Podcast

I just wanted to put a quick note out to everyone to check out¬†Unblocked, which is a podcast on writing, and more, since this podcast focused on secular homeschooling. I’m suffering through another lousy headache today and Charlie’s newest post … Continue reading

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Two Weeks Off

I decided a nice break from homeschool for two weeks was in order, and we have enjoyed some down time last week and this week. Despite this, we are never without some activity or interest. Here is the latest: Christmas … Continue reading

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