2016 Goals Started Early

If you are a regular reader than you see a lot of posts about assessment – whether they are plans for homeschool for the next month or for the upcoming year.

The thing about goals is that some are reasonable and accessible, others change or become irrelevant or unattainable.

So I’m keeping my list (relatively) simple this year.

First off, I wrote this on my office wall:


And in case it is difficult to read it says:

Each week:

  • Make something

  • Learn something

  • Write something

  • Go somewhere

  • Clean/organize

  • Paint a wall or ceiling

  • Teach Em

The “Go somewhere” and “Teach Em” and “Learn something” are all definite goals for our homeschool year. We have started a little early. On Monday we attended the National Toy and Miniature Museum near the UMKC campus in Kansas City.

It was a lot of fun and gave me some great decorating ideas as well as a goal of making a tiny dollhouse with Em that we can arrange and she can play with.

Teach Em should go without saying, but I will say it anyway, because it is the primary reason we have structured our lives the way we have – in order to homeschool her and give her the best learning opportunities we can afford to give. Learning something new each week goes hand in hand with this. If I am learning something, I’m modeling the behavior I want her to adopt.

Last week we started with the question, “What do you want to know?” Pretty soon we were watching videos on how flour, butter and rice is produced and I have a note here to look up beluga whales and the causes and description of arthritis.

Learning keeps our brains alive and building plenty of new synapses and connecting the dots to each other. It’s a good thing.

I have another goal for Em’s homeschool and that is to encourage her to complete the learning for 3rd grade math from Khan Academy. We will also work with Life of Fred which has such a unique twist that I just can’t help but continue to return to the books. And thanks to my mom, we will soon have the entire elementary level set!

I’m currently amassing a list of possible once weekly destinations. A nice mix of art, history, and nature will be a great combo – it will get us out of the house and involved in the community. I’m also considering hosting art/science classes at my house on a monthly or twice monthly basis. A quick and dirty lesson, combined with friends to play with, would be a great opportunity for Em to stay connected with her friends and learning at the same time.

We will be involving her in more of our cooking adventures as well – that combines home ec with science and math!

2016 is shaping up to be a fun and interesting year!

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