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Red Rocket Readers

Our local library has Red Rocket Readers and these seem to be a hit with Emily. I’m noticing she likes plenty of what I call “gimmes” – learning is fine as long as it is fun, entertaining, with plenty of … Continue reading

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I’m Here…I’m Just…Preoccupied

If you had a lifelong dream staring you in the face – what would you do? I jumped at it, but it doesn’t mean I’ll necessarily get it. Check out Obsession over on The Deadly Nightshade for details, but basically, … Continue reading

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Lighting the Fires

My husband Dave is currently a full-time employee and also a part-time college student. At the age of 40, he decided he was finally ready to go back to school and three years later, we are still on that path. … Continue reading

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Dare to Disagree

Dare to Disagree Maybe it is the way I’m wired, but I recently realized that I actively hold myself back from disagreeing with others – especially teachers, authority figures and books. Worse, in past years, I’ve taken what I read … Continue reading

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Homeschooling Update

I’ve been distracted with a busy week last week – three cleanings – which kept me from doing a lot of homeschooling. Plus there was the restart of L.E.A.R.N. classes – at the new host site of the Garrison Community … Continue reading

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