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What to Do With Picky Eaters

Picky Eaters “Yuck!” “Mama, I don’t want to try that.” “Why can’t I have a hot dog?” Grrrr…my parents can start laughing now – I managed to birth two picky eaters. It’s payback time for all of the foods I … Continue reading

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Farmer’s Markets and Disneyland Savings

Emily and I have been working hard on saving for Disneyland. Unfortunately last week and now this week, we are not attending the farmer’s market (I’m teaching classes on those nights), so our savings total hasn’t gone up much… Total … Continue reading

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It Makes Cents…

Last Saturday I mentioned that The Homeschool Advocate and my self-sufficiency/gardening blog The Deadly Nightshade will now be available on Kindle. What I didn’t mention is how much it would mean to me if you would subscribe to them. Put … Continue reading

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Sneaky Learning – Quietly Creeping Up on You

You Aren’t Wasting Your Time Sometimes you talk, you explain, and then you talk some more. Your child just sits there and says nothing, barely responds, and you have to wonder…Does she understand me? Am I getting through? Is anything … Continue reading

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The Questions! The Questions!…And the Socratic Method?

Emily asks a lot of questions. Sometimes they make my brain hurt. There has been a recent emphasis on several topics: Flags She has had quite the obsession with flags recently – federal, state, you name it she is interested. … Continue reading

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