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Little Pitchers…Big Ears

One active child, two sick parents. My husband had been complaining about headaches for almost two weeks. I had been having them on and off, but in the past two days a strong, persistent sinus headache had developed on the … Continue reading

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Becoming Picasso

My husband loves to remind me that the ‘id,’ that awake and alert and oh so literal part of our inner brain, does not understand sarcasm. Not one little bit. If you were to say, “I’m so stupid” then that … Continue reading

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But I Don’t Want to Go To School…

Monday morning…8:40 am…and we were parked in the daycare parking lot. As I reached to undo Emily’s buckles on her car seat she screamed, “No, don’t take me out!” I paused, her seat half unbuckled, and reached again for the … Continue reading

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Vintage Christmas

I just spent $117 on toys for the princess. I sure hope she likes them. They are used, but she’s too young to notice such things. I bought them more for me…hmmm…that might be a problem. Do you ever buy … Continue reading

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